About me / Über mich

Hello     Guten Tag     Hola     Salvete

Welcome to my blog.

This is the story of a girl and her best friend travelling through Germany in search of experiences – an exploration of culture, culinary delights, art, friendships, history, nature, antiques, literature, music, and most of all language…because to me, the most beautiful art-form in the world is the everyday miracle that is language. Whether written or spoken, there is nothing quite so revealing, absolute, honest, or pure.

My entries will be posted in both English and German so that friends and family, professors and classmates from all over the world can follow along as I divulge secrets of our adventures. There will almost assuredly be laughter, tears, homesickness, bliss, realizations, lessons, and beauty to share with you, the reader.

Thank you for reading. I hope that you enjoy the journey.